What’s my SAP system doing – or not doing?


Our special cross-checks (check steps) examine your system and record the results. An ABAP is executed in the system; it extracts the necessary data and enters it in a file.


The resulting values are structured and put in readable form. Conspicuous figures are highlighted.


Our analysts examine the results and make recommendations for improvement.


We present our findings and discuss our recommendations with you.

Reverse Business Engineering

An RBE Plus analysis takes only a few short weeks and requires absolutely no effort on your part. Analyses are available for ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM and BI systems.

We offer client analyses, but also comparisons of clients or of organizational units within one client – for a range of projects. RBE Plus Browser presents your results clearly and logically, making your work that much easier.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Key figures, depicted in matrices or other graphics, give you a clear overview of usage in your company.

  • Scorecards

    Scorecards focus on the most important key figures in each area. Deviations from the standard are highlighted.

  • Process Graphics

    Process graphics portray the process flow, focusing on deviations and areas of special interest.

  • Detailed Results

    You can click on each of the key figures to drill down to the details. This can help you better understand the figures and find out which organizational unit is responsible for these.

“The RBE Plus SAP analyses give us profound insight into our employees‘ usage, which we can use to tackle a variety of IT and process-related challenges, such as optimization and

Torsten J. Somann, Head of IT at the Witzenmann Group in Pforzheim, Germany

RBE analyses for your SAP system