Document your system with RBE Plus

Organizations install enhancements and upgrades, or make changes to their SAP system all the time; but even after mergers or consolidation projects, organizations very often fail to update documentation of their SAP system – if they even had documentation to begin with. Employee fluctuation further adds to gaps in knowledge about system use. All of these factors put a damper on technical and content-related updating of the SAP landscape, since system maintenance and advancement require consistent re-documentation.

RBE Plus analyses help you boost visibility into your SAP system usage and specific department usage by offering you objective data.

Gear up for the future

Analyses for documentation


    This analysis helps you identify and document your current SAP system usage by examining what users are really doing at application level.


      This analysis helps you pinpoint and document your current SAP system usage by reviewing which processes are actually used – how and how frequently.

      • Key elements of system usage

        • Number of the two most important organizational elements (company codes, plants) and their degrees of usage
        • Transactions and programs used during the analysis period

      • Usage of customer-specific elements

        • Determine how company-specific your SAP system is
        • Illustrate usage with the aid of objective, meaningful key figures

      • Transparency of processes actually used and how they’re used in specific departments

        • Processes are modeled the way they are actually used
        • Processes are documented simply, clearly and realistically
        • Major, minor and unused processes are identified

      “Data and facts provided by RBE Plus SAP analysis are important and reliable input parameters for planning and execution of HP services across the application lifecycle.”

      Hewlett Packard