SAP HANA and RBE Plus – What do you stand to gain?

Software vendors offer their customers new functionality in the form of cutting-edge products like SAP HANA. But unless organizations are able to objectively assess innovations – their relevance to and impact on the company’s own processes – they cannot accurately predict whether new products will benefit them. And they cannot properly plan the implementation of these innovations.

IBIS consultants – with the aid of RBE Plus – will help you discover whether SAP HANA can add value for your organization; we’ll help you cut costs by cleaning up your system before migration. What’s more, we’ll help you update your system with valuable SAP HANA apps.

Analyses within SAP HANA


S/4HANA Innovation analysis helps you assess whether SAP HANA can add value for your organization. Results are based on a specific usage analysis of your live SAP system with an eye to your strategic goals.


Before implementing SAP HANA, it’s a good idea to clean up your system – reducing the size of your database and keeping the expenses for your SAP HANA database to a minimum.


HANA apps enable you to execute analyses in realtime so that you can monitor system usage minute-by-minute. We simply ported frequently-used analysis content from RBE Plus Library to an SAP HANA platform. Content includes users and roles, benchmarks and more.

  • Spotting bottlenecks

    The interactive S/4HANA Innovation analysis lets you define for yourself what you consider a bottleneck. You input tolerances for response times and database times per transaction call and the analysis bases its output – acceleration potential with an SAP HANA database – on the parameters you entered.

  • Checking response times

    The analysis depicts the total number of bottlenecks, how many users are affected by them, and what percent of the database is bogged down by bottlenecks.

  • Identifying customer-specific bottlenecks

    S/4HANA Innovation analysis includes user-specific transactions and their loading times in addition to the SAP default.

  • Analyzing perfomance

    The analysis makes it possible for you to identify the application areas with the worst performance.

  • Cleaning up the database

    Keep expenses to a minimum: The clean-up analysis will show you how to reduce the size of your database by deleting redundant and obsolete objects.

“SAP HANA Innovation analysis confirmed our suspicions.”

Torsten Limpert, Head of IT at PREH GmbH