SAP Solution Manager

Seen one tool, you’ve seen them all? Not when it comes to SAP Solution Manager. Its technical and content related capabilities make it much more than “just” a tool. Use it systematically and you can manage application lifecycles for your system environment in line with ITIL. The key is knowing what course to set, to configure SAP Solution Manager so that it delivers the data you need – fine-tuned to your IT and business requirements.


Good decisions are based on facts. Knowing your processes by heart gives you the insight you need to manage them. Benefit from our RBE Plus analyses for SAP Solution Manager as many customers have done so already.

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SAP Solution Manager is a complex control system, capable of managing a wide range of IT and business-related issues. It supports a number of corporate processes and activities, from test management to monitoring. Profit from our experience and expertise in configuring and operating SAP Solution Manager.

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RBE Plus service products for SAP Solution Manager


A blueprint is the foundation for business-related functionality in SAP Solution Manager. We offer you a quick and efficient method for creating your own business blueprints in line with your transactions and programs – for default structures or for one of your own process models.


Processes and programs actually used are often not the same ones that have been documented. We offer you in-depth usage analyses containing a number of reports, key figures and scorecards. Experience total visibility into process usage and user behavior – whether case-by-case or as a basis for monitoring your own processes.


These days, growth and change are a constant in the corporate world. We offer you efficient analyses and methods for harmonizing and consolidating your systems and processes. Profit from clear usage comparisons between processes and organizational units. Implement this tried-and-tested approach to structuring complex process models and system landscapes.

Consulting for SAP Solution Manager


We’ll help you find out how SAP Solution Manager can benefit you. Whether you’re an international corporation or a small to mid-size regional company, profit from our experience and tools.


We’re your go-to experts for application scenarios – anything from a system check to automated process modeling.


Get to know the wide range of analyses that SAP Solution Manager provides. We’ll assist in initialization and implementation.


Manage system operation so that it benefits IT and user departments, specially tailored to your needs.

  • Preparing your system

    As the core administrative tool, SAP Solution Manager must be connected with all satellite systems. Only then is it possible to collect the data necessary for efficient process management. We’re happy to advise you.

  • Usage

    Our analyses point out your SAP system usage – in default or company-specific processes. Plus, we’ll help you model them in SAP Solution Manager.

  • Test Management

    Test management encompasses anything from automated regression testing to semantic evaluations conducted by user departments. Let us help you find and implement the test that’s right for you.

  • Monitoring

    SAP Solution Manager is the perfect tool for monitoring your own business processes. Let us show you all the options available and how key figures can be the key to your success.

“The RBE Plus Analysis for Solution Manager significantly reduced the time and resources required for preparing the Business Blueprint for our upgrade. In addition to increasing the standard SAP transaction assignment by 50%, IBIS America, LLC helped us map 900+ custom transactions and reports during a 3-day on-site workshop.“

Rajavardhan Madhavapeddi, SAP Project Manager at IDEXX